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Cost Saving

We provide an In-Depth Cost Identification Audit

Operational Funding

We present to you quantifiable savings 

Organisational Finance

We provide you with ‘expert procurement’ 

Vehicle Leasing

You save time and money


Save your Money with Numus ‘CostEase’       

There is nothing worse that finding out that you overpaid for something that you had to have. Most people come to terms with this sooner or later and either learn from the experience or quite often, keep quiet and try to forget about it.

Most people and organisations do not have the time and resource, and in some cases, expertise, to get the optimum solution every time.

How can you master this ? …. with CostEase

Using our unique CostEase System, we identify substantial savings from your existing operations.

These savings are identified through our vast knowledge of business and procurement in the crucial high cost areas of your organisation.

This impartial consultancy will analyse your expenditure in key areas and advise improved solutions for cost, value and effectiveness where available and appropriate.

CostEase – How does it work?

After an initial consultation to understand and agree the areas of concern and the methods used, we manage a comprehensive review that identifies where your savings can be found.

You can then choose whether to use our recommendations and comprehensive network to deliver these improvements and cost reductions, or make your own arrangements (or do nothing!).

A one off fee of up to £1950 is only charged when we identify quantifiable savings above a minimum of £5000 for your organisation….The great news is our average costs savings is above £50,000!

Put another way, a WIN WIN !

Many organisations avoid using consultancy due to the very high costs for in many cases, obvious advice. What we call a LOSE LOSE.

Our system gives not only solutions and introductions to complete your savings circle, but ongoing reviews at a nominal cost if needed so that further improvements can be made where available to keep you operating at optimal efficiency.

Contact us today to find out how much your business can save

The Benefits of Numus Asset Finance

Not to mention the many tax benefits. In truth, when it comes to asset financing it’s less a question of whether it makes business sense – it clearly does, more a question of who best to turn to. With one of the biggest panel of lenders in the market (more than 75), the best rates and the best sector specific expertise – you’re in safe hands with Numus Finance.

Little wonder that network wide we place over £500M of business a year. Little wonder too that most of that business is through referral and that much of it is repeat.

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