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Want to access Business Finance with a low credit score?

We understand the challenges faced in trying to obtain a business loan when you have a low credit score. Whether that is due to being a new start business, loss making company, Phoenix Company or your credit rating has been affected by late or missed payments, existing debt, County Court Judgments (CCJs) or bankruptcy or simply making multiple applications in a short space of time, there are still sensible funding solutions designed to help you get your business back on track and improve your credit position.

At Numus, our experts have detailed knowledge of each funders loan underwriting criteria and by working with carefully selected and appropriate funders that want to help businesses like yours secure funding to allow them to acquire much needed capital to restructure its debt, provide working capital, stock purchases or a business-critical equipment purchase we regularly obtain funding for clients who think they have low credit because they have been previously rejected for a business loan elsewhere.

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Why choose Numus?

At Numus we only work with hand-picked lenders that are there to help your business get moving not penalise. Our low credit funding solutions are designed to be sensible and affordable. Yes.. Lenders do take into account risk when applying rates and this could mean you’re unlikely to get the lowest and cheapest rate advertised in the market due to your current credit position but that doesn’t mean you can’t access sensible, tailored and helpful funding solutions designed to help and support your business.

Being part of the AFS Framework we work with one of the biggest panel of lenders in the market (more than 75), we cover all basis and scenarios when it comes to obtaining funding and it’s little wonder that Network-wide we place over £500M of business a year mainly through referral and repeat clients.

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