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Cost Saving

We help you choose the most suitable vehicle for your business

Operational Funding

We provide you with the most efficient funding method

Organisational Finance

We source you the best deal & manage the whole supply process 

Vehicle Leasing

You save time and money for you and your business

Numus Group are specialists in sourcing the widest range of vehicle finance deals on both brand new and used vehicles and we know our clients need more than just to source  ‘a good deal’, we understand it’s as much about providing ongoing excellence for that customer experience throughout and beyond.

Our experienced team offers a fresh approach, many suppliers will push you into whichever ‘deals’ they have at that time, however at Numus Group we work closely with our clients so that we can fully understand everything they want from their purchase – our job then is to deliver that ‘Great Deal, Great Service’ solution to our clients.

Whether you’re looking for a little electric car to run around the city or a top spec Range Rover to cruise the highways, we have trusted relationships with all the manufacturers, dealers and funders to source you the very best offers whilst you sit back, relax as we take care of the whole process from sourcing competitive quotes right through to a through to arranging delivery of your new vehicle

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The Benefits of Numus Vehicle Finance

We’ve all the vehicle finance you could ever need. From fixed and variable rate lease purchase and hire purchase, personal contract purchase (PCP) Finance lease and contract hire – we’ve got the vehicle financing that’s right for you.

Specialist vehicle financing for the family runabout, the hardworking business van, a long distance lorry, a 60 seater coach or bus even. We also have specialist ‘prestige vehicle’ financing experts on hand ready to save you money on your dream car purchase.

And because we’re part of the AFS Group we have access to a huge range of preferential rate funders – the largest list of lenders on the market, and because we place so much business with them (more than £500M year on year) it means we can drive the best possible vehicle finance deals in your direction.

More options. Better options. Better rates. What’s not to like about Numus Vehicle Finance? And there are other benefits too.

  • Cash flow – tailored repayments to your own needs, means that you can plan your cash flow to suit
  • Rapid decisions – fast decision turnarounds that’ll have you hitting the road in double quick time
  • Access to the largest broker network in the industry delivers the finance you need where you need it.

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